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About Benchwala

An innovator in the field of Indian Classroom Furniture industry we are the first and foremost choice of corporate and individual. benchwala.com has created a niche in the furniture industry to be the one and only online Portal, which covers Mumbai & rest of India exclusively and comprehensively with Office Seating System.

After getting an overwhelming response in Mumbai benchwala thought to expand its presence so we tied up with three upcoming and great players from three different regions. The regions where benchwala had tied up are Pune, Delhi & Bangalore. All these dealers are not related with each other but they are leading distributors at there respective region. benchwala is assuring you that though these four dealers are independent of each other but there products are of top notch quality.

What Clients Say

Make A School Modern With The Right School Furniture Pieces with Benchwala

Do you love your school but feel it could use some modernizing? Well, think again! It’s time to get rid of those archaic bulletin boards and fluorescent overhead lights and give your school the makeover it needs. These aren’t exactly difficult tasks to accomplish, but they do take a lot of time and effort.

You have to go into action right away if you want to see improvements before it’s too late. The sooner you begin making changes in your school’s décor, equipment, and facilities, the better your chance of seeing improvements. Here are a few simple ideas from Benchwala for making your school modern with the right furniture pieces.

We are Leading School furniture manufacturers & suppliers in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad

How to pick the best school furniture for students

  • The school furniture must make the sitting position comfortable for the student
  • The school furniture must be durable and withstand the roughness of daily use
  • The school furniture must give the school a modern vibe

Modern tables for students

If you have a group of very active students, you may have found that they have a balance issue. This can lead to some major injuries, especially if you’re not careful. A table with a combination of square and round or rectangular and round tables is the perfect solution.

Not only will your students love them, but you’ll find that they increase in value the more students use them. Keep in mind that you can always add another table or two to better suit your needs. Most modern schools in Mumbai buy furniture from some of the best school furniture suppliers.

Modern chairs for students

Chairs are one of the most used pieces of furniture in any school. This can make it difficult to keep your chairs looking clean and professional. Metal chairs are always a good choice because they can take a lot of punishment while retaining their good looks. For this reason, most schools in Bangalore pick these chairs.

Choose a color that pops, but don’t go overboard. A neutral color like white can work well if desired. Just don’t skimp on the details. A quality chair with a stable back, arms that keep the chair’s weight in place, and a comfortable seat are essential. You can contact some of the best School Furniture manufacturers & Suppliers to get these chairs.

Modern cabinets for students

Cabinets are often overlooked when it comes to updating a school’s décor. That’s a shame because cabinets in Hyderabad often go hand in hand with modernizing a school’s décor. They can easily be incorporated into a school’s modern design by adding a few accents here and there.

A simple shelf to hold books or supplies can be a great way to liven up a room. Make sure to keep in mind that students use their cabinets a lot, so it’s important to keep them in good shape. You can contact some of the best College School Furniture Suppliers in Hyderabad to get them for your school.

Modern storage solutions for students

Kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from modern storage solutions. You can too, especially if you have a large group of students who travel a lot. A lot of students in Mumbai tend to bring their books back to the office more than once.

For this reason, you need to arrange the best storage solutions for students. You can contact, Benchwala to have the right furniture pieces for modern schools.

Students need the best furniture for better learning

A student's learning environment is a critical factor in his or her success. The right furniture can make a big difference, especially for students who struggle with spatial and visual skills. There are many different types of furniture are available that can be used to improve a student's learning environment.

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